Teaser: a new graphical interface is underway!

Recently, I’ve been working on a graphical interface (also known as a GUI, or “Graphical User Interface” in more technical terms) for FCOM. No longer will you need to type stuff inside an ugly command-line window. MS-DOS? Command Prompt? Ick!

A quick preview of the GUI. Appearance may vary on release.

It’ll be a separate *.exe file (and possibly some additional DLLs) placed right beside the existing FcomClient.exe (though I’ll be bundling everything in a single handy *.zip file). FcomClient will also need to be updated for this GUI to work – the required code changes have already been pushed to the codebase, but I need to push a few more before releasing version 0.9.0 (which will contain these required changes for all), in addition to the completed GUI itself.

Hopefully this will be the thing that finally pushes FCOM to the mainstream. I had actually been in talks with a FSElite writer leading up to the release of the closed beta back in October 2018, but they ultimately decided against publishing their article on the grounds that it was still a little too complicated.

More coming soon!


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